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Choosing a Moving Company

Beginning a life in a new house? Then start by learning how to choose a good mover–and not just anybody with a van, but somebody who can actually be trusted. After all, these people are going to handle your prized possessions. Here are tips to help you choose a trustworthy mover:

License and Insurance

Any mover that operates around your state should have a state license and show a copy of it proudly to you. Those that move out of state should have unique license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation.

Also make sure your potential mover has sufficient as well as current insurance coverage. Never ever use a mover without a license or insurance. You want them to cover any damages that your stuff may end up with while in their hands. Besides, they won’t get a license they’re insured. Those who have no license or insurance and only treat moving as a side job, have no right to call themselves professional movers.

Check out online reviews.

One good way of narrowing down your options is to read Internet reviews and get a feel of whether their past clients have been happy with their service. Don’t just check the ‘star rating’ – instead, consider the number of reviews a company has. If the good ones are far more than the bad, you can safely conclude that they’re reputable. You can also use other web-based tools like Home Advisor or Angie’s List. And don’t forget the age old standard: the Better Business Bureau.

Invite them to your phone to provide you a quote.

A phone estimate certainly seems convenient, but it’s no doubt a red flag as well. A real person should come to inspect at your belongings in real life. Unsurprisingly, people typically are not good at estimating the amount of stuff they have. Telling– as opposed to showing–a mover that your home has three bedrooms doesn’t reveal whether those rooms are fully or barely furnished . If they insist on giving an estimate without actually seeing your stuff, it may mean that they are not as experienced as you want them to be.

Don’t choose a mover just because their offer is cheap.

While talking to various movers, you’ll easily notice that prices can substantially vary. As with most other things in life, you get what you pay for. To ensure that belongings arrive in their destination in one piece, choose a mover that has invested in the right packing materials, equipment and workers. Even if a company seems outside your budget at first, there’s usually room to negotiate.

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